Sub- Committees


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Sub- Committees

The supplementary committees are deprived from the Saudi Agri Group Co. (SAG)

1- Committee of information technology.                          2- Committee of production.                                                    3- Committee of research                     4- Committee of marketing. 

5- Committee of irrigation.                                               6- Committee of purchases.                                                      7- Committee of quality.                       8- Committee of human resources. 

9- Committee of training.                                                10- Committee of specialists of transport

Objectives of Sub- Committees

1- Committee of information technology

Develop the units, administrations and departments of information technology at the group, support opinions and suggestions, and ideas to develop work.

2-  Committee of production

a-  Preparation the strategy plan acted in the agricultural companies the members of SAG Group focused on the agricultural policy to the Ministry of Agriculture in the Kingdom some to make the technical data base includes all the technical programs for all the crops under the weather circumstances at the Kingdom.

b- Interest that the plans of production for agricultural companies members of group to be adjusted with marketing studies which will be studied by the private coordination committee in the committee of marketing.

c- Develop and activate exchange experiences between agricultural companies members of group.

d-Identification the plans for alternative agricultures to adjust with the resolutions, ministry of agriculture and ministry of water from rationalization the water irrigation.

3- Committee of research

Identification the required researches in every company after preparation the researching plans with implementation without contrast with other researches, exchange the results of researches, study and compare the fertilizing programs with the members of SAG Group. Study and compare the anti-pests and herbs between the member of Group. Making the procedures for methods of research to limit the costs of researches with division the costs. Identification the problems need the proceeding of research and concentrate upon common problems.

4- Committee of marketing

Coordination with the agricultural companies the members of SAG Group in development the marketing performance also identification the crops which have the marketing chances and study their costs, research and study the marketing and sales problems and keen for solutions, also limit the policy of market flooding, and solutions for factors limiting the exporting of products aboard and open international markets. Proves the descriptions creating the competition for the group products.  

5- Committee of irrigation

Rationalization water usage, discussion the irrigation programs of group, preparation the programs to assessment the water needs for crops with academic accurate method, usage the best techniques in irrigation and periodical follow up for these techniques, recruitment the specialized consultants for that.

6- Committee of purchases

Determine the technical specifications of the required materials to be secured in coordination with the competent departments . Activation the united common procurement of agricultural companies members of the group. Take advantage of the available spare parts among the members of the Group, cooperation between members in field of exchanging information with regard of the best sources of supply in terms of quality of materials, prices, level of commitment , and in other meaning qualifying suppliers.

7- Committee of Quality

Making a united quality frame and unify the standards of the product, raise the level of quality in companies to get the certificates of standards and internal measurements and the external quality certificate. Holding the training courses across from the specialized of SAG Group of quality in the companies the members of the group. Adopted the project of Benchmark for the business of the company members of SAG Group within the membership companies and comparing with their similarities locally and internationally. Making the common mechanism between the members of Group to reduce the work injures ( quality at safety). Get the certificate of organic agriculture for most of the agricultural products.  Keen to spread the culture of comprehensive quality with the agricultural companies.

8- Committee of Human Resources

a-  Activating the Saudization of jobs and localization Saudi cadres and of talents in companies members of the group.

b- Coordination between the human resources departments of members of the group for the exchange of technical expertise and managerial qualifications.

c- The committee coordinates between Human Resources departments in the group and all of the Ministry of Labor, Department of Immigration in the fields of recruitment and for personnel affairs to overcome obstacles.

d- Development the technical and administrative criteria for selection the job cadres with more efficiency to develop the production and management in the companies members of Group.

9- Committee of Training

a-Achieve the proactive role of the companies the members of the group to develop Saudi human resources.

b-  Activating the items and the contained recommendations in the memorandum of understanding in the field of joint cooperative training agreements signed between the Saudi Agricultural Group(SAG) and (governmental sectors and propose training courses and field visits for them and acted and ensuring accommodation and rational services for the trainees according to the potential of each company.

c- Activate the training system for the entire agricultural season for graduates of faculties of agriculture and delegations from sister states.

d-Coordination to exchange of technical & managerial expertise between companies members of group through the holding of meetings and workshops to do so.

e- Identification the training needs for the workers of the companies the members of the group to develop the performance and increase the efficiency of the staff.

f-Cooperation with the deprived committees of the group in different specializations to issue the booklets and leaflets which benefit the field of the activity of the committee.

10- Committee of specialists of transport

Coordination with an institution of transport with high efficiency to transport the products of the companies the members of the group SAG. Study establishment of agricultural companies the members of Saudi Agri Group Co. (SAG) for construction a private transport company in SAG Group.


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