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Summary about Agri Companies Members of SAG

1- National Agricultural Development Co. (Nadec) :

First joint agricultural company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and one of the biggest companies all over the level of Middle East in field of production and manufacturing the fresh diary and juices. It was associated since year 1401 (1981) with capital 600,000,000 SAR. Rate 20 % from the shares to the Kingdom and the remained of shares for the citizens.

Nadec has made leaps & many achievements during its career which spanned more than thirty years in which coincided with the latest developments in the fields of agricultural production and food processing, according to the insight and commitment to the foundations of the overall quality and continuous improvement, this is leading it to occupy the right of prestige and good reputation.

Nadec is proud that product base now includes a wide range of products in the fields of agricultural production, food processing, and the company's activity is distributed in four giant agricultural projects with a total area of 107.300 hectares scattered in various parts of the Kingdom in both of Hard, Hail, Wadi Al-Dawasir and Jouf. Nadec has more than 35 scattered distribution centers in Saudi Arabia and in Gulf states.

Nadec production of products of fresh dairy and juices is one million liter a day. Nadec owns six cows farms with more than 58,000 cows. Nadec produces many agricultural crops throughout the year where the company's production in season 2011: wheat 103,000 tons, yellow corn 32,000 tons, feed 280,000 tons, potato 80,000 tons, onion 27,000 tons, Fruits 1,400 tons, honey 2.640 kg, olive oil 245,000 liters.

Nadec awarded top medals and appreciation certificates, including quality certificate from Saudi Organization for Standardization and Metrology and a certification of HACCP for analysis of the health risks of the products, also it won twice the prize of the for the ideal plant, and the award of King Abdul Aziz for ideal for the plant, and a certificate of organic farming from Serik company and also Nadec got the modern global certificate ISO 2008 ISO 9001 and the best Saudi business environment.

2- Tabuk Agricultural Development Co. (TADCO)

Tabuk Agricultural Development Co. (TADCO) IS A JOINT STOCK Saudi company, its cap[ital 200 million Saudi riyals with main office at Tabuk.

Its products:

Tabuk region is characterized with the production of high quality fruits, and agricultural Tabuk is considered the biggest producer of fruits in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as the number of the fruit trees in the company is about around one million tree includes apricot trees, peaches, nectarines, pears and some of the diverse varieties of grapes (varieties with seeds and some free of seeds).

Tabuk Agricultural considered the first Saudi company has produced olive oil on a commercial scale and it is currently classified as the first company in the Kingdom in terms of quality of olive oil, where the produced oil of the company is the only one who has awarded the Saudi quality mark.

Also Tabuk Agricultural is one of the biggest companies to supply potatoes to the factory of potatoes fingers at the Kingdom, also it is one of the most producing companies for the crop of onion   with high quality.

Also it is one of the leading companies in field of production leaf clover in the Kingdom, where many of the major dairy companies in the Kingdom see that the quality of clover product of company contributes to increased milk production.

As well as Tabuk Agricultural is one of the leading companies in the production of wheat seed to farmers in the Kingdom.

Food safety:

Tabuk Agricultural holds a United States Systems Certification for Food Safety (Food Safety System ISO 22000: 2005), and that in addition to obtaining the ISO 9001: 2008 . Also Tabuk Agricultural used anti- pets systems of IPM system for biological pest control, which reduces the use of pesticides and lead to maintain food safety and the environment.


Tabuk Agricultural is characterized with many warehouses the biggest from the storage capacity and modern used technology over the Kingdom which enable to send high quality products from fruits and vegetables to the markets. Also Tabuk Agricultural used latest technology in field of water rationalization which created raising the efficiency of usage the water in irrigation as possible.

3- Al- Watania

Al- Watania was founded in 1982 and its mission is summarized to contribute to food security in the Kingdom for the production of organic agricultural products, food and animal natural products to be safe in terms of preserving the environment and human health, and by following the techniques and used methods in agricultural and water technology, this matter led the company to award the high specialized certificates in this field like ECICERT according the systems of European & American Union and Local, the certificate of best quality of olive oil (BIOL), the certificate of system of quality management ISO 2008 : 9001 and locally the national company awarded the certificate of quality mark from Saudi Organization for Standardization and Metrology (SASO) in addition to the national company awarded the certificate of safety for produced foods in 2005 (HACCP) and the certificate was updated for the system of integral safety foods ISO 22000. Also the national company possessed three projects represent the Kingdom within variable weather circumstances to guarantee the availability of its products for the consumers during the year and without stopping. Its projects are existed in regions of Jouf, Qassim, and Wadi- Al-Dawassir and the company produces the corps of feed like, wheat, barley, corn, onion, potatoes, and tomatoes ,also many other products like varieties of leafy vegetables and dates in addition to fruit and olives. The project of fruits includes  more than a million of trees of peach trees, plums, nectarines, apples, pears, grapes, and the number of olive trees, 350 thousand trees. National co. production also includes local sheep such as al-Naimi and Najdi, goats, camels, rabbits and out of the policy of productive diversification the production of ostrich was entered in the area of more than 10 thousand hectares. It owns a factory for the production of feed the livestock. In 1996 the work began in the production of jams, pasty and Nectar natural juices . In 1997, A tomato concentrate factory was the established with manner of steam and with annual production capacity of 6,500 tons, as well as the establishment of a factory for dairy products, and the company is one of the leading dairy manufacturing made from milk, sheep, goats and the milk of sheep and goats, also the agricultural company has mills of white flour and bread and a factory for macaroni. The national company is keen to the periodical update for the productivity  operations for farms, and factories to ensure the products meet the wishes of the consumer and pursuant to the properties of the national company from specialized labs to adjust and control and develop the products quality and production the elements of the vital attack and development the agricultural operations. In order these products delivered to biggest slide of consumers, 20 sale exhibitions for the company products were established and distributed all over the Kingdom like Riyadh, Jeddah, Macca Mukaramah and Qassim an other regions. The products of the company are characterized with its high quality and freshness features as they comes straight directly from farm to consumer without a broker.

Business activities:  

·Production fresh fruits.

·  Dates & Its Products.

· Breeding and care of sheep, goats, camels, ostriches, and rabbits.

· Production milk of sheep,  goats and milk derivatives.

· Production of compost.

· Production of feed.

· Production of wheat seed.

·  Production of wheat, corn, barley and clover.

·     Production  of fresh vegetables and pickles vegetables.

· Production of fresh tomato paste.

· Production of fruit juices, jams and other types.

·  Production of olive oil and table olives.

 .Production of fresh meat.



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