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Objectives of SAG:
Saudi Agri Group (SAG) has many objectives and keen to achieve them for the membership companies as follows:
1- Raise the productivity efficiency across from:
A- Model usage for available resources between the group members.
B- Information exchange and available experiences.
C- Exchange the outcomes of the scientific researches. 
2- Recruitment the consulting experiences from abroad to rake benefits from their experiences in settlement the technology.
3- Make researches and experiments for categories and new selected types also to the data of the agricultural production from fertilizers and pesticides the company wish to study before entering the local market.
4- Cooperation with the concerned direction in the Kingdom for improvement and development the agricultural sector.
5- Study the horizontal and vertical integration chances between the companies the members of SAG Group.
6- Identify the production and marketing problems and propose solutions.
7- Investment collective buying power.
8- Improvement marketing efficiency by:
a- Ensuring marketing information.
b- coordination of integration of production plans for crops between members of companies 
c- Making common marketing studies.
d- Making some of common marketing activities:
Exhibition Wings - storage & transportation – Trading Mark - Export - Advertising campaigns 
e- Sales Negotiating & common productive coordination.
9- Development & training through:
a- Coordinate common training.
b- Common scientific meetings and workshops.
10-  Governmental & Public Relations
A- Submission the suggestions and common requirements for official authorities.
B- Media coordination and public relations.
C-Coordination with the official directions to make the common programs : ( attack- improvement seeds- Rationalization of water use).
D- Coordination with bodies and non-official institutions.  
11- The Tasks of the Office of SAG Group:
a-Formal correspondence.
b-Secretarial business.
c- Administrative and accounting business.
d- Coordination and communication works between the companies .



Memoranda of Understanding with SAG